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Sirkus Systems IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is renowned as a Java development service provider that offers exceptional Java/J2EE programming services to suit the web and mobile application development requirements of the clients. Our company specifically fulfills the needs of diverse enterprises impeccably. The company aims its J2EE application development service to be scalable and easy to implement. Because of this approach, Java programming language is an obvious choice for us to handle the J2EE application development projects.

Java Working Trends:

People are always in search of implementing J2EE, a way that it can be used optimally. Several new frameworks, practices and design patterns are develop to make proper utilization of advantages of J2EE. Some of them are discussed here.

Design Patterns: For enterprise applications it is very important that they are well designed prior to start of their development phase because they are large in scale. And to design a J2EE application there is always need for years of experience and expertise over technology. Some of the design patterns are MVC (Model-View-Controller), DAO (Data Access Objects), Session Fa├žade, Front Controller, Composite View and many more.

Frameworks: Some organizations have developed their own frameworks over the top of J2EE. Purpose after developing such frameworks is to provide functionalities that are common for all applications so that applications can be developed within a short period of time. Also such frameworks implement best J2EE practices to achieve high performance and other advantages of J2EE. Some popular J2EE frameworks are Struts, Spring etc.

Sirkus Systems, the

Best Java Development Company in Pune

with proven records, invites you to a dimensionless journey into the unforeseen era of Software Solutions, Web Designing, Mobile Apps Development, Training and Consulting. We are a leading Software / Website Designing & Development Company based in Pune. Our professional Java Development Team at Pune provides a wide range of Creative & Technical Web Solutions including Web Designing & Development, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing & SEO Services, be it developing a successful e-Commerce Store or creating a Corporate Online Presence.

With an experience of 17+ years in the industry, our Software & Web experts will assist you in achieving your Corporate Goals ranging from the simplest Static Site to the full-blown Content Managed Enterprise Solutions. Our designers and developers are dedicated to producing quality business websites and software solutions. Result oriented project delivery, use of diversified pool of resources, accurate monitoring & control through effectual communication, abridged development time and updated & modern methodologies are the keys points at Sirkus Systems IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our java programmers use up-to-date Java tools to develop multi-platform desktop applications and enrich client solutions. Sirkus Systems develop user interfaces that have advanced graphics and maintain brand-identity of the software products. Our Java development team uses Web Services very successfully to provide sleek integration interfaces in many assignments for our clients.

Sirkus System worked on the following Solutions for iPhone, Android, Pocket PC, Palm and Java enabled phones:

  • Game development for the entertainment industry
  • Development for social networking companies
  • Programs for e-learning/quize/education providers
  • Application for remote control and data access/entry (medical, maintenance technicains applications)
  • Rich UI with efficient sorting and navigation.
  • Wireless applications for Palm devices with Bluetooth connection.
  • Integration with embedded devices for data exchange.
  • Connections to embedded devices through standard protocols like RS-232.
  • Implementation of SQL Server CE by using in-house developed libraries.
  • Applications that uses GPRS to connect to Mail, Web and FTP servers.
  • GIS implementation using Bluetooth based GPS receivers.
  • RS-232 communication with Embedded Devices.
  • Geographical Maps using third-party controls.

Implementation of solutions based on disconnected environment using J2ME:

  • UI controls programming with secure connection using encryption.
  • Implementation with different server side technologies including J2ME, ASP.NET.

Wireless Java Programming & Technologies

Sirkus System implements solutions for integrating wireless devices in enterprise applications, including applications for Palm, PocketPC and Symbian OS. Our experience helps our customers to select the best technologies for handheld devices that can be used as clients for enterprise applications-providing detailed handheld device features, middleware and content formats.

Sirkus System develops client applications using the Wireless Markup Language (WML), J2ME's Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), VoiceXML, Java Card, and Bluetooth. Sirkus System extensively implements web services (SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL) as technologies for extending and integrating applications, and XML processing as a data source to connect MIDP applications to the enterprise infrastructure.

Benefits going mobile

  • Provides mobile employees with remote access to work order details, such as work order location, contact information, symptom diagnostics, required completion date, asset history, salient PM schedules, relevant warranties/service contracts, and special instructions;
  • Enables mobile personnel to update work order status in real-time, facilitating excellent communication;
  • Provides instant wireless alerts for technicians, including emergencies, new work orders, upcoming appointments, and changed appointments
  • Remote access to the corporate KnowledgeBase at the job location, providing valuable customer-defined repair tasks, manufacturer e-manuals and industry best practices;
  • Enables instantaneous time-card recording for time worked in the field;
  • Permits mobile engineers to record parts used to complete a work order at the job site.

Sirkus System can help to quickly redesign and extend applications to the wireless world for companies with existing enterprise.

Mobile App Development Tools

  • Objective-C (obj-C), Xcode
  • Android Studio

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